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Alexa Fahlman

A Holiday Guide for Near and Far


A selection of some of my favourites gift ideas, highlighting local Vancouver stockists and small businesses, with a curated few for my friends abroad.


For the IG Food Account Friend



* A gift basket of gourmet French spreads, Maldon salt, local honey, nut butter, and other dried goods from Le Marché St. George

* Flourists' Holiday Cookie Box

* Nakiri knife from Ai & Om or KnifeWear

* Alessi Moka Pot from Inform Interiors

Naruto hair clip from Woo to See You, so they can match their ramen

* For keeping the neighborhood grocery run cute: Net shoulder bag from Much and Little filled with their favourite snacks

Tea Gift Box Omakase from Cultivate Tea

* A gift card to one of your favourite local spots like Kin Kao Song

* For hot girls only: Jose Gourmet tinned fish 4 pack decorated with a Tinned Fish Ornament 

Kakomi Donabe from Old Faithful for hot pot season

* The ultimate gift set for those who are dedicated to mise en place: Falcon Prep Set from Good Egg (TO)

Cabi Original Trio (US only)

Chinese Herbs Tee from Better Gift Shop (TO)

Persimmon Jar from Chop Suey Club (NYC)

Milk BAO candle by Bao Convni (LDN)

* Fake Food Magnets from Fake Food Japan (JPN)

Sant’ANA CBD Olive Oil to bring some calm to their plate (LA)

* Set of 6 Food containers by Inka (use my link here for 10% off!)

For those with a literary appetite

Text, recipes, photographs, design

* Septime, La Cave, Clamato, D'une Île by Bertrand Grébaut, Théophile Pourriat, Benoit Cohen 

Vietnamese by Uyen Luu 

The Cookbook by Cooking with Scorsese and others 

Home Farm Cooking by John Pawson

* Every Grain of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop

* The British Cookbook by Ben Mervis

* The Female Chef by Liz Seabrook

* An A-Z of Pasta by Rachel Roddy

* First Generation by Frankie Gaw

* Always Home by Fanny Singer

* Kitchen Living by Gestalten

Literature and Essays

* Women on Food by Charlotte Druckman

* Poetry is Growing in our Garden by Anders  Frederik Steen

The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Have you Eaten yet? by Cheuk Kwan

* Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

A Certain Hunger by Chelsea G. Summers



Objects and Self Care


“Even the common articles made for daily use become endowed with beauty when they are loved.” 

― Soetsu Yanagi, The Beauty of Everyday Things


* Beautifully made ceramics by haneuhaneu

Asano Lamp at Old Faithful

Hasami porcelain available at Old FaithfulSort

* Toyo Steel Toolboxes available at Old Faithful, Sort

* Marjolein Delhaas 2023 Planner available at Out & About Boutique

T-lab Polepole animals at Sort 

Shop Copito Candles at Le Marché St. George

Tang Lady Plate from Wing on Wo & Co (NYC)

* Just about everything from Present and Correct's Holiday Section (LDN)

Aykasa Mini Crate at Neighbour

Signature Centre Piece and Coasters from Estudio Niksen (MTL)

2022 Calendar from Kind. Print (dm to order!)

Self Care

Tamanohada Welcome Soap available at Old Faithful

* Kıya Nihonbashi Nail Clippers available at Old Faithful

Aesop Gift Set

Tekla Terry Towel at Neighbour

Babaghuri Jatamansi Shampoo & Rinse at Itsumo

* Facial at Formula Fig

Beauty Bundle by Kyth and Kyn




Clothing & accessories

Wearable items

the theme this year is cozy, practical, and neutral.

* Hand Sewn Toque from Lloyd also available at Alterior/A Living Taste

The Kotn Crew Sock or Silk Cotton Lounge Sock from Old Faithful

ARQ Crop Tank available locally in Vancouver at One of a Few

Cross Body City Bag from Estudio Niksen (MTL)

* Convertible gloves from Estudio Niksen (MTL)

* Taikan Everything Shoki Bag

* Subu Beige Packable Slippers from SSENSE

* J. Hannah Mini Nail Polish Set from One of a Few also available from Canadian stockist: New Classics 

* Tito Scarf by Paloma wool available at New Classics

* Doré Fleece from SCRT (LDN)






Whether it's a–too beautiful to even open–book, an educational read, a cookbook, or just a classic fiction novel, books are collectibles and easy to personalize. Browse in Vancouver from: Massy Books, Pulpfiction Books, Tanglewood Books, The Paper Hound, Hager Books, Spartacus Books, or Indigo

A few books that I think would be a welcome addition to any coffee table or bookshelf:

Montage by Jeremy Jude Lee (photo book)

Apartamento Issue 30 available at Old Faithful (magazine)

Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories (fiction)

FAR-NEAR Volume Bundle (cross-cultural book series) (NY)

The Years by Annie Ernaux (essays) (LDN - the Fitzcarraldo edition is beautiful, but it's also available locally at Indigo)

Hayao Miyazaki by Jessica Niebel (art book, essays)

* Small Things like These by Claire Keegan (historical fiction)

Pure Colour by Sheila Heti (fiction)

Tokyo Ueno Station by Miri Yu (fiction)

* Cafes by Softer Volumes (photo book)

* The Snail by Emily Hughes (illustration)

* How to Make a Japanese House by Cathelijne Nuijsink (architecture)

* The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté (psychology)



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