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Alexa Fahlman


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Vancouver- C41 Magazine 

Vol. 3 AGENCY - Aqua Regia 

Visions - BROAD Magazine

You, Me, and the Moments - Pomegranate Press

Vol. 1 Water  - BROAD Magazine

18 mars 2020, n°1268 - Les Inrockuptibles

Vol. 2 - Contrast Collective 

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Editorial for BROAD Magazine:

The Fading of the Light ft. Carl Van Der Linde and Shibani Mitra

Land of High Passes ft. Andrew Trousdale

A Way ft. Dariusz Jasak 

A Hundred Stories ft. Sijia Ma 

The Jobs We Did ft. Kenneth Lam

The Place ft. Liu Jin

Sixty Days ft. Martina Martorelli 

Cypress Slope ft. Leslie Shang -

Undercurrent ft. Jialin Yan -

I Don't Remember Coming Home ft. Alessandra Valletti- I

Unknown Voice ft. Takumi Sogo 

Roya ft. Davide Fecarotti 

What's Happening in Everyday Life? ft. Shinnosuke Oshiro 

Under the Lychee Tree ft. Jiaxin Liang 

The Uncanny ft. Yu Heng Lim 

Walking, in the flowing silence ft. room 312

Voices of Pride ft. Naomi Davison and Saffron Liberty

Untitled ft. Felix Hahn 

Do Not Ask Me, "Where Is It?" ft. Nianzhang Liu 

Space for Change ft. Mark Clennon, Grace Rivera, Emilynn Rose

People from Tibet ft. Christina Yang

A Faint Drift of the Universe ft. Skaidrė Rudokaitė

Rebirth ft. Lacy Wood

I Can Be That Man ft. Rendell Catbagan

Stranger in Seoul ft. Hansae Lee

La Romana ft. Miguel Mira

A Day is Short in Africa ft. Carl Van der Linde

Trouble in Paradise & Moonscape ft. Mona Benyamin

Max Fights ft. Jenny McClary and Allie Leepson

The day you were born, I wasn't born yet ft. Kai Yokoyama

All the Good Earth ft. Virginia Hanusik

Game · Zen · Postmodern ft. Jingchao Su

The Waltzes of Don Claudio, 'Los Pasillos de Don Claudio' ft. Gabriela Ureta

12 Months ft. Orsolya Luca

Últimos dias de Verão ft.John Paul Quigley

Phantoms Among Imaginations ft. Johann Kööp 

2121 ft. Journey Gong

Dagoretti Corner ft. Bryan Otieno Opany

The End of an Era ft. Kenneth Lam

This Land of Mine  ft. Jack Roe

Distant Dream ft. Svetlana Mladenovic

Constructed Memories ft. Kir Lykkeberg and Mathias Teko Foley

Adriatica ft. Alessia Morellini

Error ft. Terrance Donsereaux

Santa Chen: Berlin's Boss Santa ft. Guan Nan Li

We Meet in the Past Tense ft. Jinwoo Hwon Lee

Languor  ft. Donavon Smallwood

Of the Land ft. Megan Baker and Selina Martinez

Kaiden ft. Tristan Conor Holden

People Everywhere Add Something ft. Madison Lloyd

To Who I  am  ft. Ruby Burgess

Uniform ft. Kacey Jeffers

Empty Spaces that Fill My Heart  ft. Chad Wong

Sik teng mm sik gong  ft. Gloria Wong

Wild Rose ft. Annemiek Hofer

We came here for the View  ft. Tom Lyon and Pauline Vanden Neste

Crown Ditch and the Prairie Castle  ft. Kyler Zeleny

Takeaway ft. Harriet Moore

Proud of the Origin ft. Sandra Mickiewicz 

Motherly Details ft. Lorenzo Zerbini

A Step Frozen in Time ft. Kelcey Mucker

No Label Art Collective 

Vorest ft. Phillipa Klaiber

Portrait of a Village in Rural Punjab ft. Hark1karan

Finding the Homeland ft. Sangwoo Suh

SAY (South African Youth in Conversation) ft. Armand Nel and Ruan Van Jaarsveldt

Differences and Repetitions ft. Alexandre Silberman

The Time of Water ft. Daria Nazarova

Bridging Cultures Through Design ft. Sage Nation

Memories Lost in Time and Space ft. Ana Vieira de Castro

Crépus ft. Alexandre Desane

Stills ft. Axel Serrat

Men-tal Health ft. Louis Bever

Lockdown in Genoa ft. Camillo Pasquarelli

Hythloday ft. Norberto Soriano

Agoraphobia ft. Sarah Stefanutti

Women on Sofas ft. Ruby Steele

Street of the Blind ft. Alena Shilonosova

Short Stories ft. Gideon de Kock

Educational Centres ft. Anastia Doroganova

Stranger in a Strange Land ft. Sayuri Ichida

Verse Vruchten ft. Zahra Reijs

Landscape of Lament ft. Tom McGahan  

Sluzewiec Racetrack ft. Maksym Rudnik’

Bye Bye Land ft. Tomas Clavarino

My Dad is a School Bus Driver ft. Yana Pirozhok

Terrain Vague ft. Joseph Horton

Brooklyn Masculinity ft. Claire McIntyre